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22 Feb

New York Based Precious Metals Companies Can Help You Grow Your Fortune

Posted in Investing Advice, Money News, Precious Metals on 22.02.14

Investing in metals is a safe, secure way to grow your wealth. Unlike risky stocks, bonds, real estate or paper money investments, metals are on a constant upsurge in price and value. Able to withstand the ups and downs of the global economy, precious metals are in continual demand and supply is limited. As in any supply and demand scenario, when demand is high and supply is low, the owner of the in demand commodity sets the price. When you own gold, silver and other precious metals, you can sell your investments any where in the world so you can always get the best price.

Another big advantage of buying into the metals market is that they can be liquidated at any time. Unlike stocks, bonds and real estate holdings, metals are easy to liquidate. With metals, there is no waiting until the market regains value or there is a qualified buyer with a good offer and mortgage approval, you can sell when you are ready.

gold coins

Metals are more than commodities, they are currency. Owning metals gives you a tangible asset you can use as cash all over the world. Since ancient times, empires have been built on the wealth accumulated from gold and now you can build your own financial empire and grow your wealth with smart metals investments. Fortunately, in today’s world you do not have to sail the seven seas in search of your treasure or conquer foreign lands to build wealth, all you need is help from a reputable metals company.

New York offers a host of metals brokerage and investment firms that can help you start your metals investment portfolio. Long known as the financial capital of the United States, NY offers a variety of firms that can make your investments easy, hassle free and profitable.

When you are ready to diversify your portfolio with metals, be sure to research your options and choose a firm that is aligned with your needs and financial goals. Researching reviews from previous and current customers can give you a good idea on what to expect from a brokerage house. Be sure to check the firm’s Better Business Bureau rating, their TrustLink rating and their BCA ratings. While nothing is guaranteed, past behaviors are good predictors of future behaviors and you can learn a lot about a company by reading about customer experiences, reviews and doing a little research.

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Euro Pacific Capital Precious Metals is a New York based company that offers investors high quality gold in the form of coins and bullion. Operating since 2010, the company believes metals are an important part of a healthy, well balanced financial portfolio and they offer guidance and help selecting the products right for individual investment goals and strategies. While the firm is a relative new comer, they employ many financial sector veterans that have long track records in the metals market. Their website offers free, online chat services that makes getting answers about starting your portfolio quick, easy and pressure free.

Another New York based firm dealing in metals brokerage is GBI. GBI offers a variety of investment options for people looking to buy into metals. GBI enjoys a wide network of suppliers, so they are able to offer gold and silver at competitive prices and always have supply available for investors. Employing a staff of financial experts with over 120 years combined experience in metals, GBI offers expert guidance and support for their investors. GBI can manage gold backed IRAs, help individual or institutional investors and offers a wide range of wealth planning and management options.

gold bars and cash

If you are interested in safe, secure investments that can withstand the volatility of the global marketplace, metals are a good option for you to explore. Offering a tangible, physical asset that can be liquidated on demand, metals are a great way to diversify your portfolio holdings and hedge your best against traditional investments that are wildly unpredictable. For more information on how you can get into the lucrative metals market and which products are right for you, contact a brokerage firm today and ask for information and an investment kit. Reliable, stable, lucrative and tangible, gold and silver have been helping people build wealth for centuries. Put some of your investment dollars into metals and let them go to work for you growing your wealth and net worth. With a well diversified portfolio that includes metals, you will soon reach your financial goals and enjoy the freedom and lifestyle financial security affords.

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05 Feb

Wealth Preservation With Gold

Posted in Investing Advice, Money News, Precious Metals on 05.02.14

Gold has always been a valuable commodity since ancient times. Erstwhile kingdoms of Asia have thrived on their wealth of gold, which was the most common trading unit in those times. Gold coins, and those made from silver, copper and other metals served as currency. Though contemporary economy is based on paper currencies of the respective countries, gold has never lost its value or its popularity among people who still choose to invest in precious metals.

Gold investments has of late become quite popular with almost anyone looking to preserve their earnings. There are several reasons why gold or, for that matter, silver is being preferred over other financial investment options. Let us look at a few main factors that work in favor of the investor.

gold bars

• The main object of investing in stocks, shares or mutual funds is to take advantage of economic conditions and make some money in the process. They are used to put earnings to better use with an aim of reaping profitable returns, but only when the economy works favorably and the investor is quick to cash-in the returns in a timely manner. These options are no replacements for earnings saved up in a bank account but gold is comparable to savings, offering better returns though.

• Further, all financial instruments are based on the value of the currency. High inflation and increasing costs of essential goods and services often determine the buying power of the currency, resulting in spending more to buy less. This simply means that the money invested in currency-based investment options today may not have the same buying power at the end of the investment term.

invest in gold

• Gold and other precious metals are not immune to economic turbulence; they are also actively traded in the markets and their prices also vary based on the demand and the available supply. However, gold is never a credit-risk, in the sense that investments do not get wiped off completely. The metal is still valued higher than other paper instruments and price fluctuations are minimal, thereby serving to effectively preserve the hard-earned wealth.

• Gold commands universal respect, though prices may differ across countries. There is an eternal demand for the metal, especially in Asia, where jewels, ornaments, crafted pieces as well as gold coins and bars often form a part of customary gifts and investments.

How to Invest In Gold

Investing in gold is now easy with several investor-friendly options being available. Exchange-traded funds and mining stocks are ideal for investors who are not in favor of holding gold in its physical form. Those who are willing to take the risk of procuring physical gold can opt for coins available in different denominations. Several types of uncirculated coins of .995% purity are available, including the American Eagle and Gold Buffalo coin from the US, Maple Leafs from Canada as well as the Philharmonic coins from Austria. However, it is important to watch out for a certificate of authenticity to ensure the quality of these coins. Investing in the yellow metal is an ideal way to secure wealth; professional guidance is recommended for first-time investors.

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17 Jan

Is It Still Time To Invest In Precious Metals?

Posted in Finance News, Investing Advice, Precious Metals on 17.01.14

The precious metal market isn’t quite as robust as it was a year ago. Prices are not just stalling out – in many cases, they are even dropping. Silver is sitting at under twenty dollars per ounce, and gold is experiencing regular drops to settle around a twelve-hundred dollar mark. Even metals like palladium and platinum are experiencing losses of twenty dollars or more in a single trading day. This kind of finance news isn’t what investors want to hear, but it’s part of reality. As the prices drop, one has to ask a simple question – is it still smart to invest in precious metals? The answer, unfortunately, is not as simple as it may seem.

One thing that investors much understand is that danger is always going to be a part of investing. Commodities and metals are going to fluctuate – if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any way for investors to turn a profit. When you bought your precious metals at a low price, you were buying during a market fluctuation. When those metals were riding high, that was also part of a fluctuation. As the market moves, your investments are also going to move. They may not experience the same kind of wild movement, but it’s not time to give up hope. Understanding that your investments will not increase in value during every trading period will help you to better ride out market panics.

There are certainly pros and cons to investing in metals today. On the negative side, metals are dropping in value. It’s not a huge drop – mostly around one percent – but enough to be noticeable. For metals like gold, palladium and platinum, this might mean that a price ceiling has been reached for the near future. This makes the investment far less attractive for new investors, as there is less of a likelihood of seeing huge gains in the immediate future. It can also be difficult for the recent investor to feel safe buying new shares, especially when prices are still near historic highs.

On the other hand, precious metals aren’t meant to be short-term investments. The fact that there’s a minor market fluctuation shouldn’t be a sign that you need to avoid metals altogether. It’s still too soon to see where they are going, so making any kind of rash move today could have disastrous consequences tomorrow. Remember, it’s only about a one-percent drop that’s happened – nothing catastrophic. If you hold on to your metals today, the odds aren’t against your success. As with any investment, though, things can change at a moment’s notice. Learning when those changes matter is going to make you a better investor.

Metals aren’t going through a major slide. You might not want to buy gold or platinum at the moment – it’s wise to see where these prices will go – but an investment in silver might not be out of the question. Some experts are still predicting thirty-dollar silver in the next few years, so getting in on the ground floor might be a good idea. If nothing else, this is a time to be cautious – make your purchases wisely, and don’t do anything without thoroughly examining your future moves. Panic can lead to mistakes that you will only begin to regret in the coming decades.

An average investor has nothing to fear right now, but there are lessons to take away from the process. This is a good time to learn, for example, that no investment is going to ride high forever. Gold is still worth quite a bit, but some people are acting as if a minor correction is the end of the world. If you only invest in a metal or commodity because you think that it will rise forever, you don’t understand investing. You need to know when to buy, yes, but you also need to know when to sell.

It’s an interesting time if you are considering investing in precious metals. It’s a good idea to make a move on silver, but perhaps time to wait and see when it comes to gold. Every investment carries with it a risk, and you have to be willing to accept that before you spend your money. While gold in particular has been touted as a risk-free investment in recent years, the market’s movements show that risk-free doesn’t mean that the investment will always be upwardly mobile. Hang on to your investments, don’t panic and ride it out – things are simply too new for you to make an informed choice.

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